Product Review: The Body Shop Honeymania

The Body shop, body scrub, review, body butter, skin care, winter

There are a couple things in this world that I am utterly powerless to resist: anything having to do with honey (preferably edible) and absolutely anything yellow. If you read my Hydration Station post, you’ll know I’m currently obsessing over The Body Shop body butters and their miraculous hydrating powers. Given all this, you can only imagine how excited I was to get my hands on some of the pieces from The Body Shop’s Honeymania collection. Honey – check. Yellow – check. Kick-ass formula – check. I think I’d mentally added this to my February favorites before I’d even left the store.

The packaging is sunny, gorgeous, and compact – it’s also plastic which makes the products easy to travel with. The scent is more floral than I expected, more honeysuckle than true honey but is delicious nonetheless.

The Body Shop, skin care, body butter, review, body scrub


I was surprised to find this formula was thicker and slightly waxier than the Vitamin E version I’d previously been using, it sat more heavily on my skin and took longer to fully sink in. Apart from the texture difference, the body butter performed as expected, my skin felt moisturized and plumped for the entire day and the scent lingered just as long, even my clothes were infused with honeysuckle fragrance!


I love that this product has a creamier formula than your average body scrub, the exfoliation is gentle and far less abrasive than something along the lines of Burt’s Bees Honey & Shea Scrub or St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub. The formula, like the body butter, was waxier and firmer than expected, I found it best to work with just a little at a time to properly smooth it across your skin. The scrub earned major points when it washed off cleanly without leaving any noticeable reside.


Between the body butter and the scrub, my skin felt smooth, hydrated, and totally pampered. The long lasting scent also had me feeling decidedly feminine and clean all day despite my sweatpants and total lack of makeup. All in all, i’d say Honeymania is an excellent addition to a stellar range and a must-buy for anyone with a similar honey fixation. You won’t bee sorry…..sorry, I’ll buzz off now.