Face Off: Lush Lip Scrub vs. Bliss Fabulips

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Long gone are the humid days of summer and my lips seem particularly resentful of the change in season, remaining stubbornly chapped despite endless application of lip balm. When things are at their dehydrated worst and Burt’s Bees, EOS, and Carmex have all failed to make an impact, I reach for a lip scrub. I think of scrubs as kind of a reset for your lips: they buff away the accumulated dead skin, leaving you with fresh, baby soft lips. At least until you head back out into the Arctic Tundra that is this endless winter. Le sigh. 

When I say lip scrubs, you probably think LUSH. Their flavored sugar lip scrubs have cornered the market and everyone seems obsessed with the fact you can exfoliate your lips and then simply lick off the remaining sugar. None of their standard flavors (Bubblegum, Popcorn, Mint Julip) have ever appealed to me and the idea of licking up freshly buffed dead skin always seemed sort of…gross. So, in a fit of non-conformity, I picked up Bliss’ Fabulips sugar lip scrub instead and left LUSH to the masses.

Well, I did for a few months.

When I discovered that LUSH had come out with a holiday edition Santa Lip Scrub that was…wait for it….cola flavored, I jumped right on the bandwagon. Not only was I finally getting a chance to try the famous scrub, but it was in one of my favorite flavors and was christmas themed? JUST TAKE MY MONEY. I justified the purchase by deciding it would be interesting to compare it to the scrub I already owned, and this post is the result.

I was surprised at how different the products actually were. Fabulips is almost waxy in consistency, while Santa’s Scrub is far drier, with nothing really bonding the sugar together. As a result, you need less of the LUSH scrub to get good exfoliation but it tends to fall everywhere and feels much harsher on the lips.  The Santa scrub also contains enough red dye to double as a lip stain, mid-use I bore a rather unfortunate resemblance to Heath Ledger’s Joker. I will admit that the scrub did taste delicious, like cherry cola, and I may have even sneaked a lick. A major point in Lush’s favor is that the sugar mostly dissolved as I exfoliated, leaving me with limited clean up. With Fabulips, the waxy consistency takes more effort to clean off the mouth and, in turn, your fingers.

Ingredients-wise, Santa wins when it comes to simplicity, boasting a brief list of all-natural and easily pronounceable items. On the downside, only one ingredient (jojoba oil) seemed actually targeted at moisturizing. Fabulips, though it does contain several scarily scientific sounding ingredients, also includes jojoba oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and vitamins e, c, and a. No contest on the moisture front.

A con for Fabulips is the price, this little number comes in at $18 for .5 oz, whereas Lush Lip Scrubs are only $9.95 for .9 oz. That being said, I’ve had both scrubs for months now and have barely made a dent in either. Overall, I’d have to say Bliss Fabulips is my favorite. The scrub is smoother, easier to apply, and decidedly more nourishing. If, however, you’re looking for a no hassle (and delicious) clean up process, then Lush might be the way to go. Either way, a lip scrub is an absolute essential for winter and life in general.

In related news, I’m off to listen to some TLC..

Image credit: lush.co.uk, sephora.com