Quickie Skincare Tip: Baby Shampoo As Eye Makeup Remover

eye makeup remover, Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo, beauty

I discovered this tip last fall when I was having eye issues and my Optometrist told me I’d have to specially clean my eye area twice a day. Theoretically I was supposed to use a fancy wash specifically formulated for eyes, but with a nudge and a wink she informed me that baby shampoo worked just as well and was wayyy cheaper. Sold.

After I began using this, I noticed that not only did it effectively clean any residual eye makeup but that it did so without leaving an oily residue, which is the worst thing about eye makeup remover, in my opinion. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider picking up a bottle of baby shampoo next time you’re in your local drugstore:

1. It’s cheap & cheerful. I know I mentioned this already but this stuff is cheap, and will last you for ages. I bought the 15 floz bottle of Johnson &  Johnson’s Baby Shampoo for $3.99 at Walgreens and it will potentially last me the rest of my natural born life. To compare, Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover is $8.49 for 5.5 floz and gets used up much more quickly. I use my humongous shampoo to fill up little travel bottles that I keep at my sink and in my shower.

2. It’s ideal for sensitive eyes. This one’s a no brainer, baby shampoo is formulated for babies – and they’re sissies. Jk but really, if babies can take it, you can too.

3. It works. This seems obvious but I feel it had to be said. While the shampoo will be thicker than your average eye makeup remover, it will not only clean away your makeup but will also help with any bacteria that’s built up in your eye area. It’s a much more thorough clean while still being gentle. It also washes off cleanly – no oily residue here. I especially like using this in the shower, no raccoon eyes for this girl.

4. It smells nice. Scent traditionally isn’t high up on my priority list when I pick up a new eye makeup remover, but it’s definitely an added bonus. Most removers are either unscented or have a vaguely chemical-y scent to them. Baby shampoo smells like flowers and fruit and, uh, clean babies? To be honest, the scent is really hard to describe but just trust me that it’s pleasant.

Next time you’re looking for an eye makeup remover to try or if you’re having issues with sensitivity, give baby shampoo a shot. Even if you end up preferring your old formula, there are still about a hundred uses for baby shampoo (brush cleaner, anyone?), and you just may decide it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Image credit: walmart.com


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