Nail Art: Minimalist Valentine’s Day

I’m not entirely sure this qualifies as nail art but I’m going to count it anyway. I saw something similar to this look in an article about the nails of NY Fashion Week and decided to give it a go. The look is basically an asymmetrical black french manicure which leaves all but the tip of the nail au naturale. The asymmetrical edge makes the look more interesting (and makes it clear it’s nail art as opposed to dirt stuck under your nails). This being Valentine’s Day, I decided to sneak a simple little red heart on an accent nail, which amounts to the sum total of effort I put into celebrating this year.

nail art, essie, sally hansen, Valentine's Day, beauty

I ended up really liking how this turned out. It’s creative without being crazy and Valentine’s themed without being sickly. I think the black would look cool layered over colored polish too, something like Marc Jacob’s Gatsby would up the cool factor while keeping it girly.

P.s. I almost called this look “Edgy Valentine’s Day” because of the black tips which are just SO crazy alternative and badass.

…Can you tell I was a nerd in high school?


Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen (black) – the felt-tip end on this little number made creating the tips much easier. The water-based formula is considerably thinner than your standard nail polish; however, so it will seep into any rough edges or tears along the tip of your nail. This could potentially become a non-issue if you seal the edges of your nail with a base coat beforehand.

*update. This formula doesn’t have the best staying power, even with a top coat, about 50% of the black had worn away after three days.

Sally Hansen No More Mistakes Manicure Clean-Up Pen – I was disappointed by this product. The white, highlighter-esque tip of the pen immediately gets stained and did more to thin and spread errant polish than clean it up. I ended up switching to a detail brush dipped in remover.

Essie Size Matters – I used this shade to create the accent hearts. This is just an ultimate red polish: classic, vibrant, and sexy.

Seche Vite – This top coat needs no introduction. A cult favorite among beauty fans for its thick formula, high shine finish, and super fast dry time.


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