Product Review: Boscia Luminizing Black Mask

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While our body’s natural propensity to dull our memory of pain is usually a wonderful thing, there are occasions where this backfires – ask any woman in labor with their second child. While I am in no way suggesting that this mask is as painful as birthing a child, I definitely had that why didn’t I remember how much this hurts?? moment as I was peeling this mask off my face for the second time.

Let me set the scene: it was a Saturday morning, I had fallen asleep the night before with a face full of makeup and was looking for some way to apologize to my face. Poking around my bathroom, I found this little number tucked away and decided it was just the pick me up my skin needed. The formula of this mask is singular to say the least; the product is pure black, shiny, and thick, with a latex-like texture. Applying it is the most fun aspect of the whole process. A tip here is to ensure your mask is applied in an even, fairly thick layer with clean edges – this will make peeling it off much easier later. It’s also STRONGLY advised that you do your best to avoid any hairs around your face unless you’re in the mood for an impromptu waxing. By the time you’re done, you’ll look a little something like Julianne Hough circa Halloween ’13.

After around twenty minutes or so, the mask will have completely dried, feeling tight and shiny across your face. I suggest you take a minute here to enjoy your last pain-free moments. This mask is essentially a pore strip for your entire face, grasp an edge and pull away from your skin, pausing occasionally to curse and wipe away tears. I’ll be honest, at one point around the top of my face I debated whether I could pull of a shiny black forehead as a an accessory for the rest of my life. This is also the joyous time when you discover those super fine, invisible baby hairs around your face you were blissfully unaware of until this mask attempted to rip them out. In the interest of full disclosure, this took me around twenty minutes to fully peel off my face (I stopped a couple times to shore up my courage). After the bulk of the mask was removed, I was able to easily clean off any lingering smudges with toner on a cotton pad.

Despite the unpleasant removal process, this mask still impressed me. Again, like a pore strip, it actually pulled gunk out of my pores which I could see stuck in the mask remnants (gross, but I can’t resist looking). More importantly, my skin felt baby soft and smooth afterwards. My complexion was brighter, healthier, and slightly luminous. It’s for these reasons that I’ll most likely be slathering this mask on yet again despite my apparently low pain tolerance. For anyone out there looking for a totally unique, totally effective face mask – I’d suggest giving the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask a go.

p.s. I’d skip using this mask during active breakouts or you’ll risk aggravating the skin further.

$34/2.8 oz or $15 for a three mask sample pack at Sephora.

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