Product Review: LUSH BIG Shampoo

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This has got to be the weirdest shampoo I have ever tried. It has a gel-like consistency and is PACKED with sea salt. Not secretly packed either, there’s so many chunks of sea salt in this baby it looks more like a snow cone than a shampoo – sea salt apparently makes up more than half the formula! Given the lack of actual shampoo in comparison to salt, I was skeptical about how this product would lather up but it is hands down the best lather I’ve ever gotten out of a shampoo. I’m talking a super rich, decadent foam from half a tablespoon of product. For anyone worried about finding sneaky salt flakes lingering in their hair, rest assured, the salt totally dissolves as you work it into your scalp and rinses out cleanly.

When the sales lady at LUSH initially pitched BIG to me, I was worried that the salt would be overly harsh and drying but was assured that the salt is balanced by coconut oil and avocado butter, keeping it from stripping your hair. While the shampoo didn’t leave my scalp parched, it was super clarifying and gave a whole new meaning to the term “squeaky clean.” My hair was literally squeaking under my fingers as I rinsed it, conditioner is not optional after using this baby. Due to the intense clarifying nature of this shampoo, I definitely wouldn’t use it everyday, perhaps alternating it with a gentler shampoo or just a couple times a week.

So, did BIG deliver on its eponymous promise? Absolutely. I was shocked how voluminous, bouncy, and soft my hair was after only one use. I have a feeling this is going to become my special occasion shampoo or what I reach for when I need a pick me up. If, like I was, you’re a little leery of a salt-based formula or simply balk at a shampoo priced over $20, then ask your local LUSH store for a sample. For me, the sample pot was good for two showers, though I was converted after only one.


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