Product Review: L’Oreal Color Riche Nail Lingerie

Please believe me when I say I had no idea these were called “Nail Lingerie” until I sat down to write this review. The actual design name is no better – “Bling Addict.” Who knew nails could be such tarts?

nail art, beauty, review, nails, nail stickers

Anyway, I’ve never tried nail stickers like these before. I was always afraid they’d either be too difficult to apply or tacky looking. Plus, most of the designs I’ve seen weren’t really my taste. Apparently my nails were feeling saucy last week, however, because I finally decided to pick up a set to test. I went with Bling Addict because the design was fairly subtle, and one that would layer interestingly over colored polish. I ended up going for OPI’s “Moon Over Mumbai,” a soft dove gray that kept the look feminine without being too girly.

nails, nail art, beauty, nail stickers, review

The set comes with 18 stickers, increasing gradually in size so that most people should be able to find the right size sticker for each nail. Application was surprisingly easy, the hardest bit was actually getting the sticker off the plastic in the first place. You simply peel it off, center it over your nail and press down firmly, smoothing it down until you hit the end of your nail. The directions tell you to then fold it down over the tip of your nail and file away the excess. Having tried it, however, I can say that a nail file is a remarkably ineffective tool against a sticker. I found the best thing to do was trim along the edge of the nail using nail clippers or scissors to create a clean line.

I’ll admit that while I did spend an inordinate of time staring at my nails over the next couple days, I ultimately wasn’t a fan. The ends of my nails were slightly sticky and would catch on my hair when I ran my fingers through it. They also got slightly dirty looking and started to peel around the tips. Perhaps using a top coat would help alleviate the issue but it was driving me so crazy that I peeled them off while waiting for the subway after barely two days. I’d potentially use them again for a party or a costume but they’d only be on for one evening. Ain’t nobody got time for sticky nails.

$8.95/18 stickers

Image Credit:, Full Coverage Beauty


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