Product Review: Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer

Damn you Marc Jacobs for being such an overachiever. As if being one of the most celebrated minds in fashion wasn’t enough, now you’ve gone and invaded the beauty scene.

He’s launched a huge line of products in drool-worthy packaging that makes even the most focused of shoppers just have to investigate. The combination of trendy colors, sleek package design, and rave reviews gets right past a girl’s financial firewalls. I’ve never been one to pay for high end nail polish, the fanciest I usually get is Essie. When you can buy perfectly good nail polish in the drugstore, I’ve never been tempted to load up on bottles of high end stuff. But I broke my rule and splurged on a new varnish from Marc Jacobs. To justify the $18 I knew I had to pick a color I hadn’t seen before and ended up torn between Petra (a bronzey, chocolatey brown with gold and silver shimmer) and Gatsby (a metallic champagne pink with a kick-ass name). My decision was made for me when I saw Gatsby was totally sold out. Petra it is!

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First impressions? Holy pigmentation, Batman. This is a seriously one coat polish. It was the same with Gatsby. Two coats honestly isn’t necessary, it’s the perfect polish for days when you have about 3 mins to get your nails painted and be out the door. The formula is smooth, easy to work with, and dries quickly. The staying power is decent, it lasted 3/4 days with a top coat before it started to show wear around the tips of my nails. As promised, it packs a great shine even without a top coat and about three different people have already asked what nail color I was wearing – Petra for the win. The color range is awesome (24 shades already!) It’s an amazing mix of classic, super trendy, and totally unique.

Bravo, Marc. Something tells me I’ll be sneaking a couple more of these beauties into my collection in the near future.

If you’re in the mood for a bit of a treat, definitely check these out! Or if you find yourself in need of a sneaky manicure and are close to a Sephora…one coat polish is all I’m sayin’.

$18 at Sephora

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