Current Fling: Cinnamon Mini Donuts Candle

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I’ve made an effort in the past few months to get more into candles. I love the idea of infusing a room with some lovely fragrance and always notice when someone has a candle burning. It just seems to make everything more homey and cozy. My motivation might also secretly  stem from the futile hope that a lovely, girly fragrance would distract visitors from the fact I use my floor as a second closet. It hasn’t worked yet but I remain hopeful.

I’ve always been more drawn to clean or fruity scents like Linen, Lavender, Rain, or Peach. I love a good christmassy candle during the holidays but, on the whole, I prefer my fragrances fresh. Usually those scents like “Frosting” and “Vanilla Cupcake” smell mouthwatering to me for about five minutes at which point they suddenly become overbearing and sickly. But when I spotted an adorable, carnival-themed line of candles at target in tempting flavors such as “cotton candy” and “fresh baked cookies” I had to stop and give them a sniff. When my nose reached “Mini Cinnamon Donuts” I swear I started drooling. It smelled so amazing that, despite my dubious history with sugary scents, I simply had to take it home with me.

This is the loveliest, warmest, most sugary fragrance that makes my whole room smell like a fairy bakery without ever becoming sickly – even when burned for hours at a time. I’m so enamored that I went and bought a spare one pre-move in case the stores in New York didn’t carry them!

Anyway, I know this has nothing to do with beauty but I have been know accidentally wander into shops other than Sephora and MAC so I thought I’d share!

P.s. I realize the picture above is a reed diffuser, not a candle but I couldn’t find the candle anywhere on Target’s website! They seem to be denying their existence – probably to hoard them all for themselves. The scent is the exact same though so It’s not that much of a stretch!

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